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Date Page Item
18 October 2015LemonsCitrus longilimon Assam lemon
18 August 2014Trifoliates and rootstockTroyer × Rangpur citrange
04 August 2014PapedasCitrus halimii Kandangsa papeda
04 August 2014LemonsImproved Meyer lemon
04 August 2014LemonsAllen variegated lemon
02 June 2011 CitronsThe page has been up-dated. A couple of new photos were added.
02 June 2011PapedasThe page has been revised. Some 20 new photos were added.
02 June 2011PapedasLiudmila ichandarin
02 June 2011PapedasShangyan  Ichang lemon
13 March 2011 LimesCastello lime
11 March 2011GrapefruitShambar pink grapefruit
Rex Union orangelo
Triumph orangelo
11 March 2011GrapefruitThe page was revised. World production and nutritional values added.
The page has 30 new pictures.
03 March 2011Sour orangesCorniculata The horned sour oranged
03 March 2011Sour orangesThe page has been revised. There are a number of textual changes, a new variety and over 30 new large-size pictures.
25 February 2011Citrus ClassificationThere are new additions to the text. There is a new chapter on:
Monoembryony, nucellar embryony and polyembryony in citrus seeds
As well as on: Which citrus seeds will grow true to type? that lists the most common mono and polyembryonic varieties.
25 February 2011LimesThornless Mexican lime
Giant Key Lime
Merdeka lime
25 February 2011LimesThe page has been extensively revised. Many of the variety descriptions
have been rewritten. There are about 40 new pictures.
18 February 2011LemonsLimoneira 8 A Lisbon lemon
Yen Ben  Lisbon lemon
Perrine lemonime
Marrakech limetta
Pomona sweet lemon
18 February 2011LemonsThe page has been up-dated and has 40 new pictures.
12 February 2011
Sweet oranges
The page has been up-dated and has some new pictures.
10 February 2011
Web optimisation
Because of new features like Google translation and Facebook and
Twitter links starting from February 2011 new and up-dated Citrus Pages
will no longer be optimised for Windows Internet Explorer. The pages will
continue to look fully acceptable with Windows IE but will be optimised for
Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome and a width resolution of 1280 pixels.
10 February 2011
The page has been up-dated and has about 40 new pictures.
10 February 2011
Changes in classification:
Because of reasons stated in Citrus classification all Fortunella names of
kumquats have been changed to Citrus japonica. The various kumquat
types 'Nagami', 'Meiwa', 'Fukushu', 'Hong Kong', 'Malayan' and 'Marumi'
are considered cultivated varieties of Citrus japonica Thunb.

Changes in names of kumquat hybrids:
Lemonquat is changed to Sunquat
Orangequat Nippon is changed to Mandarinquat 'Nippon'
09 April 2010HomepageThe homepage was updated.
09 April 2010 Blood oranges Delfino blood orange
Maltaise Tardive Barlerin light blood orange
Maltaise Boukhobza light blood orange
Sanguinello a Pignu blood orange
Smith Red Valencia deep blood orange
Variegated CaraCara light blood orange
Nutritional values of blood oranges added
30 new pictures added
08 April 2010 Blood oranges Because of congestion and high number of photos on the Sweet orange
page the blood oranges were moved to a new page of their own.  
Most of the text is new or has been rewritten
07 April 2010 Sweet oranges Jincheng orange
Rotuma Island orange
Spring navel orange
Nutritional values of sweet oranges added.
15 new pictures were added
01 April 2010Citrus PagesHaving worked December, February and March on the Finnish version
called Sitrussivut adding new pages and updating things I resumed work
on Citrus Pages and shall start with updating Sweet and Blood oranges.
19 November 2009 Sour oranges Changes of classification: The classification of sour oranges and
sour orange hybrids has been changed to Citrus × aurantium L.
14 November 2009 Mandarin hybrids

Afourer  (W. Murcott Afourer) tangor

Hirado Buntan  pomelo
11 November 2009 Grapefruit Ruby Red (Redblush, Sweet Ruby) grapefruit
11 November 2009 Changes of classification
Citrus × limon ’Lemonime’ Lemonime

Citrus × limon 'Yuzu' Yuzu lemon
Replaced synonym: Citrus junos  Siebold ex Tanaka

Citrus × limon 'Limetta'  Mediterranean sweet lemon (Limetta)
Replaced synonym: Citrus limetta  Risso

Citrus × limon 'Millsweet'  Millsweet limetta
Replaced synonym: Citrus limetta  Risso

Citrus × limon  'Lumia'  Lumia (Pear lemon)
Replaced synonym: Citrus lumia  Risso & Poit.

Citrus × limon 'Pomum Adami' Adam's apple
Replaced synonym:
Citrus lumia Risso & Poit var. pomum adami

Citrus × limon 'Galgal'  Galgal lemon (Hill lemon)
Replaced synonym: Citrus pseudolimon Tanaka

Citrus × limon 'Ponderosa'  Ponderosa lemon
Replaced synonym: Citrus pyriformis  Hassk.

Citrus × jambhiri  Lush.  Rough lemon

× jambhiri 
’Vangasay’  Vangasay lemon
Replaced synonym:
Citrus vangasay Bojer

× jambhiri  
Lush. ’Lemandarin’ Lemandarin
Replaced synonym: Citrus × limonia  Osbeck

Citrus × jambhiri  'Meyer' Meyer lemon
Replaced synonym: Citrus meyerii  Yu Tanaka

Citrus × jambhiri  'Volkamer' Volkamer lemon
Replaced synonym: Citrus volkameriana  V.Ten. & Pasq.

× jambhiri  
Lush. ’Lemonange’ Lemonange

Citrus × jambhiri  Lush. 'Karna'  Karna (Khatta) lemon
Replaced synonym: Citrus karna  Raf.

Citrus × jambhiri  'Snow lemon' Snow lemon
Replaced synonym: Citrus kulu (?)

10 November 2009 Trifoliates and rootstock A new chapter on Rootstock not related to Trifoliate orange
Sour orange
Cleopatra mandarin
Alemow (Citrus macrophylla)
Rough lemon
Volkamer lemon
Rangpur lime
Palestine sweet lime (Indian sweet lime)
Sour mandarin (Citrus sunki)
10 November Changes of classification Citrus trifoliata L. Trifoliate orange
Replaced synonym: Poncirus trifoliata Raf.

Citrus trifoliata L. var. monstrosa T. Ito  Flying Dragon
Replaced synonym: Poncirus trifoliata var. monstrosa (T. Ito) Swingle
09 November 2009 Trifoliates and rootstock Morton citrange
06 November 2009 Homepage The homepage was updated.
06 November 2009 Citrus classification A new page is added. It takes a deeper look into the problems,
history and present of classification of different citrus types.
Take look at Which botanical name is the correct one?
06 November 2009 Introduction The Introduction page was up-dated. The material concerning
citrus classification was moved to the new page to make the
Introduction page lighter. Literature and reference lists up-dated.
05 November Eventually every page Starting from November 2009 every page will be fitted with
the new Google Language Tool. It allows viewing a page
in any of about 50 languages. The translations are done
by a computer so they will not be accurate but
hopefully they will make visiting Citrus Pages easier for
non-native English speakers. The first pages to have the
tool are this page, Introduction and Citrus classification.
04 November Web optimisation Starting from November 2009 the pages will be adjusted to fit
the currently most common screen width of 1280 pixels.
As a result of adjusting pictures to coincide with the text
Citrus Pages will look best on Firefox and good on
Windows Internet Explorer 8 with 1280 × 1024 screen resolution

15 March 2009

Changes of classification
Citrus wintersii Mabb.  Brown River finger lime
Replaced synonym: Microcitrus papuana  H. Winters

Citrus × georgiana Mabb.  Citrangequat
Replaced synonym: Citrangequat Tanaka

Citrus × insitorum Mabb.  Citrange
Replaced synonym: X Citroncirus webberi  J. Ingram & H.E. Moore

Citrus × oliveri Mabb.  'Sunrise Lime'
Replaced synonym: Faustrimedin Tanaka

Citrus × virgata Mabb.  Sydney hybrid
Replaced synonym: Microcitrus × virgata H. Hume

Citrus × floridana (J. Ingram & H. Moore) Mabb.  Limequat
Replaced synonym: X Citrofortunella floridana J. Ingram & H.E. Moore
05 March 2009 Sweet oranges Page revised and enlarged.  70 new pictures added.
05 March 2009 Sweet oranges Entrefina blood orange
Thomson Zimmerman
04 March 2009 Sweet oranges Maltaise sanguine blood orange
Sanguinello blood orange
Sanguinello Moscato di Cuscuną blood orange
Doble Fina blood orange
01 March 2009 Lemons Bearss lemon  Sicilian
24 February 2009 Lemons Seedless lemons
21 February 2009 Lemons Berna  Verna
Primofiori  Fino, Mesero
Santa Teresa
Snow lemon  Citrus kulu
Galgal lemon  Citrus pseudolimon
21 February 2009 Lemons The lemon page was completely revised and enlarged.
02 February 2009 Papedas Yuko  Citrus yuko
27 January 2009
Mandarin hybrids


Sweet oranges

Mandalo tangelo
Wekiwa tangelo

Cocktail grapefruit

Poorman orange
24 January 2009 Mandarin hybrids Ambersweet tangor
Allspice tangelo
Dweet tangor
23 January 2009 Sweet oranges Ambersweet
Cotidian variegated Valencia
16 January 2009 Grapefruit Melogold
New Zealand Grapefruit 
Smooth Flat Seville
15 January 2009 Pomelos Cuban Shaddock
Mato Buntan
12 January 2009 Sour oranges Variegated sour orange  Panaché
Abers Narrow Leaf
Willowleaf sour orange
Kikudaidai  Citrus canaliculata
Yama-mikan  Citrus intermedia
Khatta  Citrus karna
Kithcli  Citrus maderaspatana
Miarai  Citrus miaray
Natsumikan  Citrus natsudaidai
Tosu  Citrus neoaurantium
Zadaidai  Citrus rokugatsu
Sanbokan  Citrus sulcata
Nanshodaidai  Citrus taiwanica
03 January 2009 Citrus A - Z A new index of common names of the
citrus fruits described on Citrus Pages
03 January 2009 Recent items A new page for recently added entries or items
01 January 2009 Citrons Halperin Chazon Ish
Lefkowitz Chazon Ish

28 December 2008 Papedas Celebes papeda Citrus celebica
Alemow Citrus macrophylla
Melanesian papeda Citrus macroptera
Winged lime Citrus longispina
27 December 2008 Lemons Vangasay Citrus jambhiri
26 December 2008 Limes Winged lime Citrus longispina
23 December 2008 Limes Kusaie lime Citrus limonia
Ginger lime Citrus assamensis
25 November 2008 Sweet oranges Sweet early varieties:

Valencia oranges:

Navel oranges:

Blood oranges.
22 November 2008 Trifoliate orange Citrange C-35
Swingle citrumelo
Relevant rootstock data added to existing varieties
13 November 2008 Photos and links Up-dated list of photo credits and contributors.
04 November 2008 Grapefruit Flame grapefruit
Foster  grapefruit
Marsh Pink (Thompson Pink)
New Zealand grapefruit
01 November Mandarins Seto satsuma
Miho satsuma
Kimbrough satsuma
Aoshima satsuma
Armstrong satsuma
Xie Shan satsuma
Pixie mandarin
Daisy mandarin
Gold Nugget mandarin
Monreal clementine
Carte Noir clementine
30 October 2008 Kumquats Faustrime
30 October 2008 Native Australian citrus Faustrime
24 October 2008 Botanical names A - Z A new page. A new index of the Latin (botanical)
names and their synonyms of all the citrus
varieties discussed on Citrus Pages.
29 October 2008 Citrons Balady citron
Italian citron
Mexican citron
Moroccan citron
Odorata citron
Sicilian citron
Yemen citron
Yunnan citron

Page updated 18 October 2015

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