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Entry page   Welcome to Citrus Pages
Introduction   Introduction to citrus fruit, history, cultivation, production areas,
old an new botanical classifications, abbreviations, sources of information
Citrus types A - Z   Alphabetical list of the English common names
of citrus types described on Citrus Pages
Botanical names A - Z
Alphabetical list of the multiple variants of the botanical names
of citrus types described on Citrus Pages 
Citrus classificationTakes a closer look at the past and present of the botanical names of citrus fruit and tries to answer questions like: Which botanical name is the correct one?
The citrus subfamily    The structure of the citrus subfamily Aurantioideae (Citroideae)
as part of the Rutaceae family and the places of the common citrus fruits in it.
Citrus types   Links to the 14 groups of citrus presented
> Sweet oranges   Sweet early varieties (blondes), late juicy varieties (Valencias),
navel oranges, blood oranges and sweet orange hybrids
> Sour oranges   Common sour oranges, Seville orange, bittersweet oranges, myrtle-leaved orange, bergamot and sour orange hybrids
> Mandarins   Common mandarins, clementines, tangerines, satsumas,
Mediterranean and King mandarins.
  > Mandarin hybrids Tangors, tangelos, other hybrids and small-fruited mandarin relatives
> Lemons   Lemons, sweet lemons, limettas, lemon hybrids
> Limes   Limes, Mexican, Persian, sweet limes, Rangpur, Kaffir, Indian
> Grapefruit   Grapefruit and hybrids
> Pomelos   Pomelos and hybrids
> Citrons   Citron types, Etrog, Buddha's hand, candied citron peel
> Kumquats   Kumquats, Limequats, Lemonquats, Orangequats, Citrangequats
> Trifoliate orange   Trifoliate orange, Flying Dragon, Citrange, Citrandarin, Citremon, Citrumelo and other rootstock hybrids
> Citrus relatives   Native Australian Citrus, Papedas, Distant citrus relatives
> Native citrus from Australia and Papua-New guinea Australian Finger Lime, Australian Sunrise Lime, Humpty Doo
> Papedas Subgenus Papeda, Ichang,  Kabosu, Kalpi, Kaffir, Khasi, Yuzu
> Distant citrus relatives Mock orange, Orangeberry, Limeberry, Boxthorn, Atalantia, Bael fruit
Recent items   Recently added pages, items or entries   
Citrus oils   Production methods, uses and users, table of selected citrus oils
Photos & links   Photo credits and citrus links

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